1. The Widdler
    Austin, Texas
    Denver, Colorado
  3. Legend4ry
    London, UK
  4. Claes Rosen / L-Wiz
    Stockholm, Sweden
  5. Dj Variant
    Athens, Georgia
  6. Morning High
    Denver, Colorado
  7. Oakin
  8. Nightmare & Oni
    Croydon, UK
  9. DigitalVagabond
    Denver, Colorado
  10. Kin Klavé


Dank 'N' Dirty

Based in the US/UK and run by Sashwat & Legend4ry, Dank 'N' Dirty has always helped emerging and established producers further their sound to the masses. With an extremely original-sounding catalog that focuses on a unique blend of bass-heavy sub-genres, Dank 'N' Dirty is a label that every bass lover should keep an eye on in the long-term future. ... more

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